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Lou Stavris Bio

For those interested in the force behind DrumChops.com, I put together this bio.  I like to know who I'm buying my stuff from, whether it be musical equipment, computers, or cars, so I think this is an important addition to DrumChops.com.

The mission of DrumChops.com is to act as a dedication page to my father, who was a Master Drum Instructor and small drum shop owner, and offer the Internet community the ability to feel comfortable buying from an on-line store just as if you went around the corner to your local drum shop.  That's my goal, and that's why DrumChops.com is here. I share the same mission of the original "Jimmie Stavris Drum School & Shop" my dad opened in 1958.

To read more about my dad, please see his biography in the "Jimmie Stavris Sr. Dedication" section of this site.

My name is Lou Stavris, and I come from a family of drummers.  As seen above, my dad was a drum teacher and drum shop owner.  He taught my Uncle, Nick Forte' (Master Drum Instructor, Author, Professional Drummer), my brother Jimmie Stavris Jr., and myself as well as about 2,500 other students!  My instruction started at the age of five, and I took lessons on and off from my dad until I started college in 1985.

By the time I was born in 1965, drums was firmly in place as the family business.  I spent all of my childhood and my teens living over and working in the drum shop.  My dad sold all of the major brands of the time, and it was a great place for all of the local drummers and his students to hang out and talk drums.  I helped with the inventory, sales, stocking the shelves, doing repairs, and I even did some teaching.  Of course, every step of the way, I had my dad, uncle, and brother to look up to.  My brother also worked in the shop, he started lessons when he was just three, and played out on a gig when he was only seven years old.  He also made All State two years in a row, was a member of The United States Collegiate Wind Band, and was elected to the McDonald's All American High School Band all by the ripe old age of 18!  

In 1980, I co-founded a duo with a friend that played keyboards and sang.  We played clubs, weddings, private parties, etc.  For the first couple of years,  we had to arrange for transportation back and forth to the gigs, because we were both to young to drive!  We were together for four years but split up to go to different colleges.  At that point, I began to play on and off with a couple of other bands and another duo.

In 1986, I was reunited with my original partner, and we formed a five member group that played weddings and parties.  We also did a few gigs at some clubs from New York to Litchfield, CT., and recorded our own demo.  This group broke up in 1991,  just before I was involved in a serious car accident.  After that it took me about a year to get back into "playing shape".

I gigged around for a year or so, and then hooked up with another wedding/party band. I was with them 1994 - 1998.  This band marked the first time I was with a serious band that I did not do the booking or marketing for.  We also recorded a demo that I eventually transferred to CD.

I joined a Blues/Classic Rock Band called "Cove Street" in May of 2002.  I'm enjoying working with new guy's and on music that is a bit different from what I've done in the past.  Hopefully the gigs will start coming in a bit more frequently! :)

My Equipment:

A full list of my equipment can be found on the "Lou's Page" section of this web-site, along with my views on drumming, and some pictures.  I use both acoustic and electronic drums, and Zildjian Cymbals.  I started using electronics for playing out in 1986, and find that it is more practical for playing in wedding type situations where you have to cover multiple styles of music.  I love the sound of my electronic kit, and my acoustics are vintage Slingerland Marine Pearl which I also enjoy playing.

I've now found the with the different playing situations of the Blues/Classic Rock band, I wanted to go back to the acoustic sound and the look of a bigger kit.  So this was a perfect opportunity for me to buy a new kit!  Don't we all look for reasons to buy new equipment?!?  In any case, I've now have a 6-pc Noble & Cooley kit that I use for playing out with "CoveStreet".  I find that the look and sound of these drums are perfect for this style of music.



Aside from drums, I decided early on that I wanted to work with computers.  I went to a technical high school and college, and began working in computers in 1987.  I currently work for a local University as an Systems Programmer/Analyst.  

I also decided several years ago to go back to school for my BA degree in Management, which I achieved in 1998, and kept right on going until I finished up with Masters degree in Information Systems.

I now teach various computer courses for the same University both on-ground and on-site.

I hope to start teaching classes in E-Commerce and Marketing, as well as HTML programming in the near future.  The experience I gained from putting together and running every aspect of DrumChops.com has proven to be valuable information that I would like to share with others.

As you can see, I have a passion for drums that runs very deep, it is a business that my family has been involved in for many years, and providing this service on the internet couples it with technology, which is also a big part of my life.

I hope that this short biography has given you some insight to who I am, and why DrumChops.com is NOT just another on-line store!

Lou Stavris

Owner / DrumChops.com

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