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Drums For Kids Buyers Guide

Drums For Kids is a special feature from DrumChops.com designed to give our customers the best possible selection advice on drum set purchases for children and young adults.  This drums for kids buyers guide, coupled with our unique Drums For Kids Sizing Guide, offers not only the right products, but also the required information.  From starter sets of traditional sizes to smaller sets priced and designed for kids, we've got the right set for your child!

Drums For Kids Sizing Guide.. CLICK HERE!

drums for kids

As the owner of DrumChops.com, I had the good fortune to have a father who was a master drum teacher and own a small drum shop. My dad started giving me lessons when I was just five years old.  At the time drums for kids were not easy to find, but he did get me a set, and I believe it made a big difference.  Having the encouragement of my parents and the right equipment helped give me the incentive to practice and eventually go on to play professionally.  For those out there with kids interested in playing drums, I hope this buyers guide will help put your child on the same path.

The following sets offer some of our best values!

Jazz kits are traditionally made up of smaller sized drums.  That makes these next two kits perfect for Jazz drummers AND great drums for older kids to young adults!  Choose from the five piece set or the more traditional four piece drum set.

For those children who are a bit too small for sets of traditional sizes, DrumChops.com offers quality tunable sets that are designed just for them!  These sets offer the young drummer the opportunity to play on a set that has all the qualities of a "real" drum set at a size that is just right for them.  

JR 5-Pc Set


drums for kids

For those wishing to start at an even younger age, or on more of a budget, we offer a Mini 3-Piece starter set.

Mini 3-Pc Set with Throne


drums for kids

For the smallest children who want to start playing the drums, we have the following set which still offer some of the characteristics of a real set at a small size and an inexpensive price!



drums for kidsdrums for kidsdrums for kids


This buyers guide represents a variety of options available from DrumChops.com. All sets that don't specifically come with cymbals or thrones can easily be packaged with them.  While these sets represent examples, they DO NOT represent all of the different brands or types of drums that are available from DrumChops.com! While these sets are good examples of what we can get, we are always on the lookout for better quality sets at lower prices.  Specifically during the Christmas season, we may need to substitute some of the sets seen here with comparable sets from other companies and suppliers.


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