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See My Interview with News Channel 8 -2.7Meg 

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DrumChops.com was born out of a dedication to my father Jimmie Stavris Sr., who was a Master Drum Instructor.  He taught the art of drumming for close to 40 years, and in that time taught more than 2,500 students.  He also ran a small drum store for many years, and when he passed away in December of 1996, I began to learn HTML and design his dedication page.  After a couple of years, I received many warm wishes from former students, friends, and in general, the Internet community about the inspiration the dedication page gave them.

In January, 2000 I began to develop the DrumChops.com drum store in the image of the shop that my father opened in 1958.  It is on the Internet, but the mission is to bring that small town drum store to the WWW.

I am fortunate to have local news media in the Connecticut area that recognize the contribution my father made to our community, and this past father's day, they ran a story about my dad on our local news.  If you're interested, and you have the time, download this QuickTime file and perhaps you will feel the inspiration that many other's have already felt.

Just a couple of notes that the newscaster got wrong in the story:

  1. My Dad's name was Jimmie Stavris Sr., NOT Jimmie Stavris Jr.  That's my brother.

  2. My Dad did not teach anyone who played with Journey.  My quote was that Steve Smith, who did play with Journey has been very supportive of the web site.

  3. My Dad did not teach anyone who played with either Hall & Oates, or Bryan Adams.  My dad taught my Uncle, Nick Forte', who did teach Micky Curry, who played with both of those big name acts.

Other then these few mistakes, I thought that the team from Channel 8 News in Connecticut did an outstanding job with the story.  I hope you enjoy it!

This next story was published in the Wallingford Voice, on June 18, 2000.  I am grateful to the editor Noel LaPenna for recognizing the newsworthiness of this story.  Click the Title below to view the story.


Lou Stavris

Owner / DrumChops.com


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