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The DrumChops Drum School

 Professional Private Drum Lessons

Why do i teach?

“I have a deep love for Drums & Drumming and feel Blessed to be able to share my gift with others!”

                                             – Lou Stavris 


Reason one

I have been playing Drums Professionally since the age of 13!

Reason two

I am a member of the Vic Firth Private Drum Teachers Association & have owned my own studio since 2008.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

I come from a Family of Drummers.  My Dad was a Master Drum Instructor who taught my Uncle, Brother, Me, and over 2500 students in a career that lasted close to 40 years.  Much of that time I not only studied how to play, but was taught how to teach.  I look forward to each lesson when I get to pay this gift forward!

What My Students say

As an Educator, my ability to connect with students is my FIRST Priority!

“I’ve been taking lessons with Lou for around 4 years, and he is great. It got me out of playing one style of music and becoming more open to jazz, Latin, and other styles which have made me become a better player in Jazz band at school. I would definitely check out taking lessons at DrumChops! You may start out simple but will move on to more advanced stuff at your own pace..” Isaiah V. | Teen

This email is to let you know that I am thrilled that my student Diego P. Is taking lessons from you!  After last week’s first lesson, he came to band happy to show me some of the things you worked on with him and seriously, he was already keeping better time!  I’m hopeful that my other percussionists will note his improvement and his enthusiasm for your studio and investigate lessons as well!.

Thanks for being there!” James H. | Band Director @ Dysart WP

Our middle school son has been attending private 1 hour drum lessons with Lou for a year.  Because of Lou, he was the youngest drummer to make the Jazz band!  Lou is a solid teacher.  Always on time, and flexible to make-up missed lessons instead of going without, which my son loves.  Lou’s studio is setup with two drum sets, giving the unique opportunity for student & teacher to work on new skills together on full acoustic sets.  

We were referred to Lou by the Band Director at West Point because one of his students improved so much in just six months, that he asked who his instructor was.  Lou’s prices and policies are fair and, most importantly, our son doesn’t want to go elsewhere after a year! ‘Nuff said!

Trish I. | Parent - Pre-Teen

“Lou was my patient teacher for some time.  I can’t imagine anyone else in the West Valley who has the talent, resume, and genes Lou does.  He comes from a family of Masters… you could NOT go wrong!” David S. | Adult

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The DrumChops Drum School

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