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Jimmie Stavris Sr. – Guest Book

Jimmie Stavris Sr. - Dedication Guestbook


You have done a beautiful job of letting people know about your fathers life’s passion. I got a real feeling of his love for playing and teaching. Well done Lou!!

Steve Smith (Vital Information)


Lou, I just got done viewing your website for the first time! “WOW” Such a great job. I know your dad is proud and I know that Louie is too! Thanks for showing the great memories and thank you for being a Dynamic Drummer!

Art Benson
Dynamic Percussion



I had the pleasure of dealing with your dad for a number of years from when I first started at Pro-mark in 1985. Although we never met face-to-face, he was always very nice to me when I’d call him. I didn’t realize he had passed away, as I’ve been away from day-to-day sales for the last 4 or 5 years. I’m sorry to hear it. I’ll see if I can find an appropriate place on our site to make a link to yours. Thanks for the message and I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’ve been out of town on business.
Best Regards,
Pat Brown (Pro Mark Corporation)



Great job on the dedication page! I’m sure dad is proud. Dad was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and a GREAT teacher and a hell of a drummer. I miss him dearly. Please give my love to mom & jim. I hope to be in Ct. mid. of May. Stay well

Joe Belanger


Great page and a fitting tribute to your father.



Good luck with the site; it’s for a good cause!

Best wishes,
Peter Erskine

I will use the information you provided for an item in Modern Drummer Online, and will direct our readers to the site about your father. It will appear in either the next issue, or the one that immediately follows.

Rich Watson


A wonderful dedication!! The band “Neybas” Wishes all of the Stavris family well.

Did I tell you how much I enjoyed the website? I loved the parts about your dad, I never knew all that stuff about him before, it was a lovely tribute.

Dear Louis,
Thank you for the information about your father. We are trying to decide how to help you. There is a possibility that we could mention something in one of our issues that go out to our members. I will be in touch. Sorry to hear about his death. My father died a year ago at the age of 55, so I know how difficult this is for you and your family.

Sincerely and best wishes,

Phillip J. Mikula
PASIC Manager


Very nice page you have put together. I envy you having a great teacher who happened to be your own father. How did it feel to have the drum battle with Louie? Personally, I would have been scared to death! I corresponded with him by mail for several years in the 80’s. He’s one of the nicest guy’s you’d ever come across. Anyway, I included a link to your site on my links page. Keep up the good work!

Shawn Martin


I studied with your father about 20 or more years ago. I was deeply saddened to hear of your loss. He was a very kind, very giving man. I think your tribute to your father is wonderful.

Rick Hines

Dear Louis,
I am sorry to hear of your father’s passing.

Emil Richards


Hey Louie,
I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done on your fathers dedication!! All of those pics of your father brought back a lot of great memories!
Talk to you soon.

Anthony V.


Hey Lou,
I don’t know if you remember me but I used to take drum lessons from your father a long time ago. It’s Fran Merante.

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. He was a great man and every note I am able to play and teach, I owe to your father. He was truly an inspiration to me and I’ll never forget him.

I would also like to congratulate you on such a cool web site. It looks great.

As I was looking at some of the pictures on your page, it brought back a lot of memories. I remember you bringing me to the room where your kit was set up and showing me some of the Buddy Rich licks you and your father somehow figured out how to play. Thanks so much for that. I still use some of those licks today!!!!

Well just thought I’d say hello after you brought back such fond memories of my early days of drumming!!!

Thanks so much
Fran Merante


Searching for vintage drum equipment. I came across your site. I am a former student of the Jimmie Stavris Drum School, East Haven, CT. I remember the house very well and Jimmy Jr. who at the time was 5 or 6 years old. Your dad left a lasting impression on me. An excellent teacher and a great soft spoken guy. I have been playing drums professionally since 1962. My deepest condolences and best of luck to you and yours.

Ray Corso


I took lessons with Jimmie for about a year in 1974-75. I am from Hamden,CT and I am currently a pilot for a Major Cargo carrier. I remember Jimmie best for his demanding but rewarding style of teaching. I was saddened to learn of his death on this site. Those are great memories for me. I’ll never forget Mr. Stavris. Thanks for the experiences.

George T. Hines

Hi Louie,

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was one of your father’s many students. I was a very shy girl who received a lot of “flak” for wanting to play drums. When I first started lessons with your dad, I remember being in awe. It was like entering a whole different world… A Drum World!! Most importantly, I remember your father’s patience and kindness towards me, and never once did I feel the stigma of being a “girl drummer” when I was in his presence. He was by far the most respectable man I have ever met. Not only was he a GREAT teacher, but he was also a GREAT man. I could never express how much he meant to me or how appreciative I am to have known him. He was truly an inspiration.

I was telling a story of how I could always tell if someone studied with Jimmie by their hands… They always have great hands (form). When I was informed of his passing, I was so shocked and saddened. Again, words cannot express. Drums are still my life and I am now a teacher also. I mention your father often. One of your dad’s famous quotes to me was “Pat, Pat, You have to walk before you can run!!!”. He was a great man who still lives in many hearts!!! Whenever I hear thunder, I just figure your father is giving a class.

Much love to you and your family.

Patty Coppola



Very nice page and glad to see it, If it’s got to with drums
you know I’m interested. Also hearing of Jim’s passing was very
disturbing for me I had heard of it after the fact, to this day I
just wish I could have shown my respect at the services if I had
known. GOOD LUCK!




I took lessons from your father 25 years ago.  What a real master!
I have a brother in law in north Carolina who collects
vintage kits. I was amazed to see a Gene Krupa kit, a
Buddy Rich kit, and many more of the greats.  It reminded me of the days when I took lessons from your dad.  His rudiments always blew my mind.  I live in Branford, CT now, and although I have not player drums seriously in a long time, I still have some speed.  At this point, I’d like to work a little on my timing.  Any suggestions for a teacher?
I’ve been playing classic rock music and originals with my current band for about a year, and would appreciate any advice you could offer.

Your Web Site is Very Cool!
Joe Foschini


I Love the new web-site, especially the dedication to your dad. He was one hell of a guy. He is thought of often. Hope all is well with everyone. I’m still drumming, (teacher#2)since your dad passed on. I saw the piece you did on channel 8 news Sunday night. Great job!  Your father would have been very proud of you. He always was.  He spoke of you& Jim Jr. all of the time. He was very proud of both of you.

As you know, I only knew your dad for a short time, but in that time, we became good friends. It was more than just a teacher/student relationship. I can remember plenty of times after my lesson, we would go out for lunch. He always liked to go to the Twin Pines Diner in East Haven. I also remember one of the times I was laid up in the wheelchair with the m.s. (multiple sclerosis) & he came over my house to give me my lesson. I really appreciated that!! He gave me& 2,500 other students the foundation for drumming. May he rest in peace.
Please tell your mother & your brother I said hello.


Tom Shea


Thanks for helping with the computer. I Went to your web site
excellent job!  Your father would be proud. The pictures bring back memories.

I’m going to check out some sticks than call you with the model
number. I’ll stay with Vic Forth. I have some of his BR sticks but they are to
heavy. The Ludwig model is the one. I have 2 pairs left. One I play with on
the pad the other still in the bag for collecting. I also have a Slingerland
BR model that’s like a Pro Mark 747 that’s two light.

 Well, thank you again, and I’ll be in touch!!



I didn’t have the opportunity to meet your Dad, but I was introduced to Nick Forte some years back as he was close friends with a close friend of mine…the late Wardell Ward.  I met him at a Jazz Club in Ct., where they had a gig together. I can tell that your Dad was a great drummer/teacher by the talent of his pupil. Thanks for sharing this dedication site….It’s obvious
how deeply you loved and respected your Father, and I’m glad you did the spot on TV…otherwise I would have never known to check it out.






Hi Lou,

I’m extremely pleased to find this GREAT web site. I studied with your father for a total of 7 years, on and off at different times. I started learning from him March 13, 1965, the first date written in my Buddy Rich book. I have that memorized. Unfortunately I stopped playing when I got married, but it was also the very FIRST thing I did when I got divorced. I wept with sadness of your father’s passing and also with happiness when I found this very touching dedication. It’s extremely fitting for such an important man in my life. Please tell your mom and Jim Jr. I said hi.
I just bought this computer and this is my first email. It is very touching to see how many people were touched by your father. 

The very best of health and luck to you Jim Jr. and your Mom. 

With Love and Fond memories. 

Carl Iaccarino Jr.

I had the pleasure of knowing Jimmie through my dad John Forcinelli Sr., and good friend Mike Streeto. I will always remember hanging out at Jimmie’s shop listening to his incredible stories! I miss those days. Now as I play in Nashville I always have those thoughts with me.

All the best,
John R.Forcinelli Jr.

I took drum lessons from Jimmie Stavris from age 9 through age 18 and then attended Hartt College of Music.

Your father was a great teacher and had great patience with
his students. I’ll always remember the recitals.

Gary Linke


Dear Louie,

I’m just writing to tell you that I think it’s great that you are keeping your dad’s memory alive for all that knew him.  I studied with your dad for 4 1/2 years, and still remember with great pride the day he told me that I was the longest continuous student he ever had up to that time (25 Years!).  I consider him my mentor, and whatever drummer I am today I owe it to him.  During the period of 1972-1976 that I was taking lessons, I was a Rock drummer only.  Because dad taught me that styles and requirements change, I decided to learn to play as many different things as possible and especially learn to read music.  I now have a very good gig doing theatre shows, and I frequently look up and thank him for making me a good reader and player.

Mike Bimonte

I knew Jimmie well for many years.  I sold to him when I worked for Sonor/Sabian. I enjoyed his company so much and was saddened to hear he was gone. My condolences to his family. He was a truly talented and wonderful man.

Ed Melotto

Hi Lou,  

Your Dad was my first drum teacher. I have very fond memories of him. I think it was 1959 when he use to drive to my house in New Haven in his big Buick. I would always meet him in front and help him get the drum pads out from the trunk. I also saw him play a few times. I think what had the most profound affect on me was seeing how relaxed he was. I can remember to this day how I was mesmerized by watching the back of his hands. I thought he had very long wrists and they moved effortlessly when he played. After each lesson we would sit at the kitchen table. I would have a glass of milk and Jimmy would have coffee and my mom would give us cookies and ask how I did at the lesson. Your dad was a big influence on me not only as a teacher but more so as a great person and friend. I will always be grateful for that. I am pretty sure I met  your brother when he was first born and I remember hanging with Nick a few times. We even went to see Mousy Alexander together. Please give my best to all. I taught all day today at Berklee and am off to my regular Tuesday night gig at the Acton jazz café. I can go on and on about  what I have been doing, but I would just like you to know I am still as passionate about music as ever. Thanks for getting in touch.

Bob Kaufman


We’ve never met, but I studied under your dad more than 30 years ago.  He was my first and only drum teacher.

My deepest sympathy to you, your brother, and your mom!!

All the best,

Nick Schiavone

The DrumChops Drum School

209 S. 165th Dr., Goodyear, Az 85338