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2, 3, 4 and 5-Way Coordination


The idea of this system is to enable students to become more adept at coordinating their four limbs. This is accomplished by introducing an additional challenge to the mental process. (The brain is the source of all coordinated physical movement. We practice to train the brain to accomplish this goal.) The “magic” element is the sound of the voice.
Normally, the voice (counting) is assigned basic time-keeping duties. In this book the voice becomes an added limb (instrument). Obviously, the articulation of the “voice” part must be produced with a loud and clear sound, not slurred or muddy. To make the voice part less of a struggle, play the majority of the exercises on a “practice pad” or a muffled snare drum. (See the “bonus section” at the back of this book for drumset applications.)



ON-Line Catalog