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Drumset Applications of Linear Rhythms

The Term “linear rhythm” simply means a group of notes (or rests) that are strung together like letters in a word. On the staff, this means notes are not stacked one over the other but, rather, played one note (one part of the drumset) at a time. Drummers very often play solos and fill-ins using this concept. However, when it comes to drum beats and groove patterns, a drummer is more likely to combine two or more parts (drums/cymbals) simultaneously to produce a fuller sound . This being the case, it is the goal of this book to supply some examples of these various techniques. And, in so doing, encourage the student to think of ways to develop his/her custom patterns.

The main thrust of this work is to go from a relatively simple linear pattern, consisting of basic coordination of the hands and feet, to the development of:

  • drum-to-drum solos
  • left-hand bass drum independence – jazz style “comping”
  • Afro-Cuban influenced grooves.

The “combos” in each variation section are well labeled and printed clearly using a large font for easier reading behind the drumset.

Also, since this material includes sticking suggestions, left-handed players (who use a 
left-handed setup) will need to reverse the notated sticking .


ON-Line Catalog