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Drumming Step-By-Step Book 2

Once the basic material (found in Drumming Step-By-Step – Book 1) is understood, it is suggested that you begin to apply that information to the drumset.

This second book in the series begins with lesson eight and is a direct segue – this is where you actually begin to play drumset routines based on what you have learned in book one.

In book two I will:

  1. l) introduce you to the individual parts of the drumset

2) explain a bit about drum tuning and care etc. –

3) discuss the musical function of the parts of the set and the drummer’s responsibilities in the band –

4) supply you with important practice/study material (exercises ) for daily workouts.

The initial problem for most new drums t students is that they do not own a drumset. This, of course, makes learning a bit difficult but not impossible. The solution can be as simple as putting together a few practice pads in the form of a drumset. Another possibility (if there is a jazz-band program in your school) is to ask permission to use the school’s drumset – perhaps after school hours. If you are an older student the decision must be made to invest some of your 
hard-earned dollars in drum equipment. Don’t overlook the benefits of purchasing a used drumset – especially if the seller is a reputable musical instrument dealer. One word of advice – if you are going to invest, invest in the best you can afford – good quality can always be resold if kept in good condition.

ON-Line Catalog