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Drumming Step-By-Step Book 3

Once the basic material found in Drumming Step-By-Step – Book One is understood and the process of applying that material to the drumset (book two) is well underway, you may begin the work in book three. This book which begins with lesson sixteen, is a direct segue from the material that was presented earlier in the series – namely· book one, Snare Drum Basics – and book two Drumset Basics. However , it may be helpful (because of the obvious snare drum connection) to think of this book as more of a continuation of
book one while book four would be more of a continuation of book two.

In book three I will:

1) introduce you to new and various note values and note groupings –

2) explain new time signatures and other areas of music theory –

3) discus the musical (and technical) benefits of traditional rudiments –

4) supply important practice/ study material (exercises) for daily workouts –

It is my hope that once you complete this book on intermediate Snare drumming you will feel at ease when confronted with the “every-day” type of reading that may be found in the better high school/college orchestras

ON-Line Catalog