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Drumming Step-By-Step Book 4

This book is the continuation of book two, but also utilizes the information learned in book three. As you w ill see. we will be dealing with a variety of drumset issues – from jazz interpretation to left-hand independence to chart reading to simulating a Latin percussion section – It is certainly as eclectic in nature as possible. This approach to learning should afford the inspired student more than enough solid study material while at the same time being as enjoyable as possible to practice. Remember. it is possible (and recommended) to work on portions of one lesson while continuing (or beginning) \ work in another lesson. While the general “order” of things to do is outlined throughout this course, there is flexibility in the way an individual can accomplish the material.

In book four I will:

1 ) introduce you to rhythmic elements necessary in jazz and swing drumming 

2) explain how to gain better coordination and independence of the four limbs 

3) discuss the musical (and technical) components of playing big- band charts 

4) supply important practice / study material (exercises) for daily workouts 

5) instruct you in the drumset interpretation of common Latin-type rhythms 

Once you have completed the work in this book, you will feel at ease when confronted with the “every-day” type of reading that may be found in the better high school/college combos and ensembles.

ON-Line Catalog