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Drumming Step-By-Step Book 6

In this last book of the drum course, we will deal with advanced Drumset material. The work can be difficult at times . Take it at a comfortable pace. Don’t rush through pages without gaining a complete understanding of each concept. This is especially important on material that can be directly related to job activities – such as wedding-band work. If some of the examples seem too difficult, it is alright to work on adjacent material – going back to the hard parts later on. (It is true, what seems simple for some, could seem difficult for others – and vice versa.) Most of the time, if problems or questions arise, the answer(s) usually can be found in an earlier section of the course ­ most often in the same book.
On the concluding page of this book you will find a recommended list of materials. Use this list to enhance your drumming skills. Some of the material can be used along with the course itself- especially “play-a-long” CDs.

In book six I will:

1) supply additional bass drum and left hand coordination and independence exercises

2) introduce you to the art of wire brush playing

3) explain “odd” time signatures

4) continue the studies pertaining to playing different popular and ethnic “beats”

ON-Line Catalog