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Getting A Grip On The Rudiments Of Drumming

This book focuses on sixteen specific rudiments. They are as follows:


The Single Roll The Single Paradiddle
The Double Roll The Flam Drag
The Flam The Flamacue
The Three-Stroke Ruff The Single Paradiddle-Diddle
The Five-Stroke Roll The Lesson 25
The Seven-Stroke Roll The Single Ratamacue
The Nine-Stroke Roll The Drag Paradiddle #1
The Flam Accent The Four-Stroke Ruff

The number and choice of rudiments included in this book was for the most part arbitrary. I feel that it is not the quantity but the thoroughness of the study that is most important. In fact, I believe that the main goals can be accomplished with as little as a hand-full of well chosen rudiments. In any event, each student is encouraged to read through the preliminary studies that deal with the various stroke types. (This section is a reprinted excerpt from my six-volume drum course entitled “Drumming – Step By Step” Book I.) I consider this “basic information” essential for the proper execution of all rudimental (and derivative) drum patterns.




ON-Line Catalog